The Sun is Shining

The British weather can’t seem to make its mind up this summer. Knowing how unpredictable our weather can be, when the sun came out this morning the residents at Rotherwood Care Home went outside to make the most of the sunshine and get some much needed Vitamin D.

The residents really wanted to make the most of the sunshine so thats exactly what we did. The team helped the residents outside while our activities coordinator set up the regular activities outside. The activities included our weekly sing along choir club, a music quiz and tin-can-alley.

The residents had a wonderful day and even enjoyed a Choc-Ice while outside in the sun.

Summer Fair Update






Over the weekend here at Rotherwood we held our annual summer fair. During the day we had a variety of different stalls including one full of handmade gifts made by our lovely residents, handmade gifts 2a tombola, a raffle bric-a-brac and many more. We also had a food stand with hot dogs and burgers, a refreshments stand with drinks and cakes and a few games stands with games including hook a duck and tin can alley.

The day was of great success and was enjoyed by all. At the end of the day we counted up our donations and managed to tin can alleyraise a total of £150. We will be arranging a service user meeting within the next couple of weeks were we will come together to discuss how the money should be spent.

We would like to thank all who attended for their kind donations and support, both before and during the event.

A Day at the Fun Fair

On Saturday 16th July Rotherwood Care Home will be opening its doors to the local community for our annual summer fair. This years theme will be ‘a day at the Fun Fair’.

Doors will be open from 1:30pm and there will be a variety of things happening, including; the vintage tea party, various stalls, Hook a Duck, Hot Dog stand, angel readings and much more.

Raffle tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from the homes office. We are also collecting raffle prizes and donations which can also be handed in to the homes office.

We look forward to seeing everyone and hope that the good weather continues for us.

A Few Wise Words

During the day at Rotherwood our activities coordinator fits in as many one to one sessions with our service users as possible alongside our weekly set activities. In these one to one sessions many of our residents like to talk about their life experiences and the things they have learned throughout the years.

This weeDSC_0583_1k during our one to one sessions we have been taking note of ‘A Few Wise Words’ our residents have had to share. We have had a mixture of responses from some very wise ones to some really funny ones. Below is a small list of some of the things they have had to say:-

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Enjoy yourself and have a good time
  • Don’t get married
  • Pay your bills first
  • Don’t worry about being in a care home, its lovely being looked after

These will be displayed in the home for all our residents, their families and visitors to enjoy.

St James Church entertain residents with monthly service

On the first Wednesday of every month Rotherwood Care Home are visited by the vicar from our local church. Residents here have been brushing up on their singing skills so that they can join in and sing along during the service.

Each month the vicar tries to bring along a different musical instrument for the residents to hear, this month he introduced to us the ukulele and the kazoo. We started off by singing a few favourites including The Jungle Book- I wanna be like you and Johnny Cash- You are my sunshine. Towards the end of the service we all joined in with the Lord’s Prayer and then finished with a beautiful song from the 1890’s called ‘Keep on the sunny side’.

The positive impact this has on the residents can be felt throughout the home for days. We would like to say a huge thankyou to St James Church for making this possible.

We look forward to next month’s visit where we will be visited by the church choir.

Happy 102nd Birthday John

Over the years a lot of things have changed. There has been the introduction of colour TV’s, computers and the latest invention the smart phone.

One gentleman at Rotherwood Care Home has witnessed all of these changes in technology as well as many other historical events.

On the 3rd of May 2016 we came together to celebrate Johns 102nd birthday by hosting a party in his honour. Our in-house cook prepared a beautiful buffet, Tesco in Rotherham kindly donated a personalised birthday cake and we even had a visit from our local Mayor.

The day was of great success and was enjoyed by all.

Many happy returns John.