handprints care home Chesterfield

This week our residents have been busy making a rainbow of hands. They have used different coloured card to have their hands drawn round and some have asked for messages to be written on them.

These hands are now proudly displayed on the top of our notice board in the main hallway. Many of the residents have been trying to see if they can spot their own hand and have been admiring them all.

handprints care home Chesterfield handprints care home Chesterfield handprints care home Chesterfield

We also have a few thank yous to say again this week:

We’d like to thank Shelagh’s sewing circle who have kindly donated a selection of homemade face masks for staff to wear when they do their own things at home and outside of work.

Secondly, we’d like to thank Cynthia (Hazel’s daughter) who has very kindly brought in some lovely things for staff as an appreciation of their ongoing hard work and dedication.

We’ve also just had some lovely laundry bags delivered from “Castle Sewing Hub” at Bolsover for all our staff to put their uniforms in, ready to wash when they finish work.

Finally, we like to thank our local co-op store who have kindly donated a hamper for all the staff to enjoy!

hamper gift care home Chesterfield

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