Valentines Day at our residential care home in Chesterfield-9

Valentines Day At Bank Close House

Our residents are busy, busy, busy as we make our way towards Spring.

We’ve been doing all sorts of activities at Bank Close House over the past few weeks, not least were our Valentine’s Day celebrations. Residents made Valentine’s Day cards and Love Heart messages, which are on display on the notice board in the main hallway.

We’ve also been enjoying lots of games recently. We’ve had Bingo, target game, bean bag toss, balloon tennis, 10 pin bowling and more.  Everyone loves a good game and our residents seem to be very competitive!

Here are some photos of our recent games activities…


how to choose a care home

How to Choose the Right Care Home

how to choose a care homeYour care home should be a comfortable and happy place to live, it should feel like home.

You should be thinking about what you want and need from your care home.

What Should I Look For In A Care Home?

Before finally settling on a care home make sure you have visited a few times to ensure you are happy with the feel and comfort of the home.

Make sure you have researched the home before visiting, the below steps should be considered before visiting any care home:

  1. Make sure the home provides the level of care you or your loved one require or might need in the future.
  2. Find out if the home currently has any vacancies and if not how long is the waiting list.
  3. Visit the home’s website before you visit and arrange to speak to a member of staff or the home manager.
  4. Make sure you have read the recent inspection report, the home will have a copy or visit the CQC website to have a look.

When you have decided to visit a care home, make sure you have your questions ready to ask, here is a list of questions that can help you choose the right home for your needs.

1. What is included in the fees?

A good care home should provide transparent and clear pricing. When they need to be paid, is a deposit needed and what is included in the fees.

2. What cost extra?

Even though every care home provider is different, some will include extras in the overall price, some will charge for additional items or services.

3. What does my loved one get in their rooms?

When you arrive for your visit, you will be shown a room, do not take this at face value.

Ask the questions:

*Do you provide bedding and how often does it get changed?

*Is there a TV in the room or a radio?

*Is there a telephone in the room?

*How much storage space is there, and can residents bring their own furniture?

*Is there a place for visitors to sit and spend time with their loved ones?

*Is there internet access?

4. How are meals prepared?

Your loved ones diet is important for their wellbeing, so knowing how the home prepares its meals will give you piece of mind they are being looked after.

5. What activities does the home offer?

Care homes must provide activities for the residents to do. Does the home have an activities coordinator and can you meet them? Are there any going on at the moment and can you observe?

And if you are visiting and an activity is going on, can you join in?

6. What is the staff to resident ratio?

This is such an important question and one that is often overlooked.

If the staff are running from room to room, there is a chance your loved one is not getting the attention they might need.

Ask to look at the current staff retention rate and copy of the latest CQC inspection report.

These are just a few questions to ask on your initial visit, you can find a lot more across the internet.

Now here are a few questions to ask yourself as you are walking around.

  1. What are your first impressions?
  2. Do the staff look happy?
  3. Do the residents look happy?

At the end it is not the bricks and mortar that matter but the atmosphere and people inside the home.

If you have any questions, please call us on one of the numbers below and we will be happy to answer them and arrange a visit to one of our homes.

Bank Close House: 01246 208833

Goole Hall: 01405 760099

Rotherwood: 01709 820025

Morton Manor: 01427 612796

Charnley House: 0161 3684664

or email

Christmas dinner care home Chesterfield

A Very Merry Christmas At Bank Close House Care Home in Chesterfield

A lovely Christmas was had by all here at Bank Close House care home in Chesterfield, despite the difficult circumstances in which we all find ourselves at present. Our residents opened their presents on Christmas day and enjoyed a glass of fizz to celebrate the holiday season along with a lovely Christmas dinner.

All of our residents have been staying safe and are all well and were able to enjoy the Christmas festivities. They have been keeping in contact with their loved ones via FaceTime, video calls and telephone calls, which, although not ideal, they have enjoyed very much.

Our Director’s (Peter Hill) daughter Thalia and her friend Freya hand made Christmas cards for each resident, much to their delight. They all enjoyed opening them and reading them. Thank you Thalia and Freya for your lovely, thoughtful cards, from all at Bank Close House.

card making residential care home chesterfield

Bank Close House Autumn Creativity & Activities

Here at Bank Close House residential care home in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, we’ve been very busy with various activities over the last couple of weeks.

Our Residents have been discussing the change in weather and have been creatively making Autumn themed pictures.

We have also had load of fun making our own celebration cards such as birthday cards, anniversary cards and other general greetings cards.

Competition has been rife with a 10 pin bowling challenge. Not only was this great fun, it has also benefitted our residents’ hand-eye co-ordination and arm movement.

Seaside funday at residential care home Chesterfield

Seaside Fun Day At Bank Close House

Our seaside day on 22nd July was, unfortunately, a rainy affair, so we were unable to have all the fun and games outside. Never fear though, our resourceful team brought the fun inside instead! As you can see, everyone had a whale of a time!

We’ve also been doing decorative connection puzzle pieces, with each resident designing their own jigsaw puzzle piece. When complete the puzzle will be connected and put on display in the main hallway. Here are the photos so far. We’ll post an update when the puzzle is complete and on display in all its glory.

hoopla competition care home Chesterfield

Recent Activities At Bank Close House Care Home in Chesterfield

As lockdown continues, we are still unable to provide off site or external entertainers for our residents, but our staff have been keeping them highly entertained with a variety of games and activities.

We had a hoopla competition, which Rita won!

Please click on the thumbnails to view the hoopla images.

We also celebrated World Chocolate Day on 7th July during which we held a chocolate tasting afternoon. You can imagine that went down very well and was very much enjoyed by residents and staff alike.

Please click on the thumbnails to view the chocolate tasting photographs.

We are all hoping for glorious sunshine on 22nd July, when we will be holding our “By The Seaside Day” in the garden. On offer will be burgers, hot dogs and chips for dinner and plenty of seaside games and fun for all.

handprints care home Chesterfield

A Rainbow Of Hands At Bank Close House, Chesterfield

This week our residents have been busy making a rainbow of hands. They have used different coloured card to have their hands drawn round and some have asked for messages to be written on them.

These hands are now proudly displayed on the top of our notice board in the main hallway. Many of the residents have been trying to see if they can spot their own hand and have been admiring them all.

handprints care home Chesterfield handprints care home Chesterfield handprints care home Chesterfield

We also have a few thank yous to say again this week:

We’d like to thank Shelagh’s sewing circle who have kindly donated a selection of homemade face masks for staff to wear when they do their own things at home and outside of work.

Secondly, we’d like to thank Cynthia (Hazel’s daughter) who has very kindly brought in some lovely things for staff as an appreciation of their ongoing hard work and dedication.

We’ve also just had some lovely laundry bags delivered from “Castle Sewing Hub” at Bolsover for all our staff to put their uniforms in, ready to wash when they finish work.

Finally, we like to thank our local co-op store who have kindly donated a hamper for all the staff to enjoy!

hamper gift care home Chesterfield