Chinese new year celebrations Rotherwood care home in Rotherham

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Rotherwood Care Home in Rotherham

Last week, Rotherwood Care Home in Rotherham was awash with colour, culture, and joy as we ushered in the Chinese New Year in style. It was a vibrant celebration that brought together residents and staff for a memorable series of events, showcasing the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and the communal spirit of our home.

Our festivities kicked off with an engaging Arts & Crafts session, where residents tapped into their creative sides, crafting beautiful decorations and artwork inspired by Chinese traditions.

The culinary journey was another highlight, with a Chinese Food Taster Session that tantalised our taste buds. Residents and staff alike savoured a variety of Chinese delicacies, exploring the flavours and stories behind each dish.

The celebration reached its peak with a DJ set by our very own resident DJ, Phil. His performance was nothing short of spectacular, filling the home with energy, music, and dance. DJ Phil’s passion and talent were evident as he played hit after hit, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that had everyone moving. Phil is already looking forward to his next performance.

Adding to the festive mood, our staff embraced the spirit of the occasion by dressing up in Chinese style clothing. Their vibrant outfits and smiles were a testament to the supportive and inclusive community we’ve cultivated at Rotherwood, where every occasion is an opportunity to learn, celebrate, and connect.

We’re grateful for the wonderful memories created during our Chinese New Year celebrations and look forward to more cultural celebrations that honour the diversity and interests of our residents. At Rotherwood Care Home, it’s not just about care; it’s about creating a lively, engaging environment where every day is an opportunity to celebrate life and shared experiences.

Thank you to all our residents and staff for making this event truly special. Here’s to more joyous celebrations in the future!

Father Christmas nursing home in Hyde 48

Christmas Celebrations at Charnley House Care Home in Hyde

Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit here at Charnley House, and with so much going on it's no wonder!

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We've had fun and frolics with a trip out the theatre to see this year's panto, Peter Pan.

We've been making, and, of course, eating, mince pies.

We've also been doing some Christmas themed colouring

We've been listening to Christmas carols and Christmas songs and had a visit from some carollers. We've all enjoyed singing along and some of us even had a little dance as well!

We've had a very festive visit from Father Christmas, who spent time with everyone and gave out gifts and hugs and Christmas cheer.

And last, but by no means least, we had our Christmas party!! Merry Christmas to one and all!