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Charnley House Care Home: A Month of Joy and Activities

Welcome to the latest update from Charnley House Care Home in Hyde, where our residents have been embracing a variety of fun and enriching activities. From baking to time in the garden, and everything in between, it’s been a lively month filled with laughter, creativity, and community. Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to recently:

1. Baking Buns: A Sweet Treat for All

Our residents donned their aprons and rolled up their sleeves for a delightful baking session. The smell of freshly baked buns, which the residents decorated, wafted through the home, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Healthy Delights: Fresh Fruit and Milkshakes in the Dining Room

We believe in nurturing both body and soul, so our residents recently enjoyed a delightful afternoon sampling fresh fruit and homemade milkshakes in our quiet dining room.

3. Games Galore: Darts and Hoopla Fun

Keeping minds sharp and spirits high is all in a day’s fun at Charnley House. Our residents had a wonderful time playing games like darts and hoopla. The competitive spirit was infectious, and it was heartwarming to see everyone cheer each other on. Whether hitting the bullseye or landing a perfect hoop, the games provided plenty of entertainment and exercise.

4. Garden Time: Embracing Nature’s Beauty

Our garden has been a hive of activity with residents taking time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Whether it’s a quiet stroll, or simply soaking up the sun, the garden offers a tranquil escape. The residents love to chat and reminisce while enjoying the vibrant flowers and greenery, making the garden a favourite spot for relaxation and reflection.

5. Outing to Oaklands Hall: A Senior Luncheon Extravaganza

Our latest trip took us to the picturesque Oaklands Hall for a seniors’ luncheon. The residents were treated to a delicious two-course meal, complete with tea and juice. The outing provided a wonderful change of scenery and an opportunity to socialise in a beautiful setting. Everyone enjoyed the hearty meal and the warm hospitality, making it a memorable day out.

6. Creative Corner: Colouring and Painting Masterpieces

Creativity was in full swing as our residents indulged in colouring and painting activities. With vibrant colours and imaginative designs, each piece of artwork was a testament to the residents’ artistic talents. The activity not only provided a creative outlet but also offered a therapeutic and relaxing experience, with many residents expressing a sense of accomplishment.

7. Board Games and Jigsaws: Fun for Everyone

Rainy days are perfect for indoor fun, and our residents have been enjoying a variety of board games and jigsaw puzzles. These activities are great for keeping minds engaged and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the residents.

At Charnley House, we believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and our recent activities are a testament to that philosophy. From the joy of baking to the tranquillity of the garden, our residents have been busy creating wonderful memories and enjoying each other’s company. We look forward to many more fun-filled days and can’t wait to share our next adventures with you. Stay tuned for more updates from Charnley House, where every day is a new opportunity for joy and connection.

Charnley House Care Home – A place where life’s golden years are celebrated with warmth, love, and endless activities!

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Christmas Celebrations at Charnley House Care Home in Hyde

Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit here at Charnley House, and with so much going on it's no wonder!

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We've had fun and frolics with a trip out the theatre to see this year's panto, Peter Pan.

We've been making, and, of course, eating, mince pies.

We've also been doing some Christmas themed colouring

We've been listening to Christmas carols and Christmas songs and had a visit from some carollers. We've all enjoyed singing along and some of us even had a little dance as well!

We've had a very festive visit from Father Christmas, who spent time with everyone and gave out gifts and hugs and Christmas cheer.

And last, but by no means least, we had our Christmas party!! Merry Christmas to one and all!

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Cakes, Cookies & Connect 4 At Charnley House Care Home in Hyde

As we always say, it’s been a busy few weeks around here. We don’t let anyone get away with being bored here at Charley House, so here’s the roundup of activities over the last couple of weeks.

We’ve had A LOT of baking activities going on. Great for the winter weather and tasty for everyone!

We’ve had cornflake cake making…

Making and decorating our own cookies…

And making scones (a real favourite)…

We’ve had plenty of gaming activities, from the physical to the cranial. It all gets very competitive around here you know.

We’ve had a Connect 4 master championship…

And fun playing softball…

Finally we’ve had some more leisurely activities preparing our new Circus Wall. Our residents have been colouring pictures to go on the wall as well as painting some large mural masterpieces…

Christmas at Charnley House care home Hyde

Christmas Partying & 2023 So Far

We’re always busy here at Charnley House, and Christmas and January have been no exception so far, despite the cold and dreary weather!

We had a wonderful Christmas Party with games, music, decorations and lots of lovely party food on the buffet.

A few of our gents have had some extremely serious games of darts. Looks like we’ll have to get a league going here now! All friends in the end though.

Whilst our ladies have had a few relaxing games of Snakes & Ladders and the Safari Game.


More to come from us soon!

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Last Month At Charnley House Care Home in Hyde

We’ve had lots of celebrations and activities in the last month here at Charnley House care home in Hyde. 

Our residents have been busy colouring for our nursery rhyme wall.

We’ve been off down the river on a boat trip in the lovely weather and everyone enjoyed a lollipop. We even happened upon a pair of geese and their goslings!

We’ve had a very special birthday. 100 years to be exact! Which prompted a letter from the Queen and some very fancy 100th Birthday balloons and decorations and a special 100th Birthday cake.

Finally, we had a real party atmosphere for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. We decorated Charnley House with flags, bunting and balloons and had a party tea with an amazing Jubilee cake. Everyone had a flag to wave whilst we watched the many events on the television.